Is Freelance Writing a Good Career? (7 Reasons Why it Might Be the Right Fit For You)

Do you like to write?  Are you willing to take the risk to become a freelance writer?  Do you think you can be a freelancer? If so, you might be wondering, is freelance writing a good career? Freelance writing provides a variety of benefits like the potential to work from home and the ability to be your own boss which makes it a good career choice for many.  

However, any time you are considering a career change, you need to think about if it is the right move for you.  

Are the benefits worth the risk?

Luckily, you can read on to discover reasons why freelance writing is a good career path and why it might be worth it for you to consider.  

7 Reasons Why Freelance Writing Is a Good Career

1. You Can Make Good Money

The amount of money that you can potentially make as a freelance writer can vary widely, but the sky is the limit.  As a freelancer, you have unlimited income potential.  Your yearly income is based on how much you are willing to work and the prices that you can command for your work.  

Many writers choose to set their prices by the hour or by the word.  As you start your career, you can choose which pricing model is the right fit for you and your projects.  

2. Freelance Writers Are in Demand

Freelance writers are high in demand.  Content marketing is a useful driver of organic website traffic, especially in today’s day and age when most things are sold online or advertised online.  This means that skilled writers who can be used to generate content and drive sales are highly coveted by companies.  

The need for content creation by marketers is only expected to grow and generate more business in the future.

3. You Can Set Your Own Hours

One of the biggest benefits of being a freelancer is that you are your own boss. 

As your own boss, you can set your own hours.  You can choose when you want to work and how much you want to work at a time. Freelancing is not a 9-5.  If you are a working parent, this can be fantastic because you can work when your kids are in bed as long as you get your work completed by the deadlines that you and your clients set.  

You can even decide if you want full-time or part-time hours which brings us to the next point.

4. You Can Set Your Own Workload

Do you want to spend time with your kids when they are home during the summer? 

Are you balancing working while you have young children at home and just need some extra money?

If so, this may be one of the biggest advantages of a freelance writing career for you.  You can accept as much or as little work as you want based on what you are able to handle.  This can give you the ultimate flexibility that you might need. 

5. You Can Work From Home

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest reasons why freelance writing is a good career is that you can work from home.  As your own boss, you decide where you work be it your own home, a coffee shop down the road, a co-working space, or somewhere else entirely.  

If this is something you desire, freelance writing is one of the easiest remote jobs that you can get started in relatively quickly.  This means that freelance writing can be a good fit for working parents or others who need some flexibility in their schedules to work when they can and where they want.  

6. Your Career Can Have Some Variety

As a freelance writer, you can have a lot of variety in your work.  You can choose to be a generalist and apply for whatever projects suit your fancy.  Or you can choose to specialize.  

Some writers chose to specialize in a certain type of content across a variety of industries.  For example, some writers choose to focus on blogs, e-books, or whitepapers. Other writers will focus on copy-writing which focuses on persuading the reader to buy a good or service.  Other writers will choose to focus on more informational content.  Some writers will choose to focus on a variety of niches while others will choose to specialize in more specific niches such as personal finance or travel.

Additionally, as a freelance writer, contrary to popular belief, you are not just a writer.  You also have to market yourself and may also need to learn skills such as WordPress and SEO.  Luckily, many of these skills can be learned online and can give you some variety in your day-to-day writing life.  

7. You Can Do What You Love

If writing is your passion, you really cannot beat a career as a freelance writer.  Many writers enjoy the process of researching, outlining, and writing out an article.  As a freelance writer, you can write about topics that you are passionate about and explore your interests through writing.  If something does not interest you, you can choose to pass on bidding for that project or working for that client.  You are in the driver’s seat.  

If you love it enough, it may not even feel like work.  Not many people get to wake up and do what they love every day.  If you are one of those people, you are one of the lucky ones.  

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that freelance writing is a great career if you are willing to put in the work and are passionate about writing. If writing is what you love, and you want a career with some freedom and flexibility, you can give freelance writing a try. 

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