Can You Work from Home as a Data Analyst?

Are you interested in the buzz around big data?  Are you a data analyst or interested in being one? If so, you may also be interested in working from home due to the awesome benefits that it has. However, you may be wondering can you work from home as a data analyst?  The answer is that you certainly can! 

In fact, data analytics is a field that lends itself well to remote work. The data analytics field is perfect for those that like to work independently.  There is also a degree of flexibility within the field as well that lends itself to remote work.

How Can I Become a Data Analyst?

The role of a data analyst is to analyze large sets of data.  They work in a variety of industries and interpret and analyze information for businesses.  Some examples of industries that you could work in as a data analyst include information technology, healthcare, and finance.  

The day-to-day duties of a data analyst will vary depending on the company.  The skills required are highly variable as well.  Some examples of skills that are useful to have as a data analyst include Microsoft Excel, SQL, and predictive modeling.  However, visualization skills are also highly sought after by some companies such as the ability to use Tableau and Power BI.  The exact skills you will need can differ greatly between employers.

Additionally, there are a variety of paths to take if you are interested in becoming a data analyst.  For example, you could get a bachelor’s degree in a related field like math or computer science or teach yourself the necessary skills.  There are a variety of paid and unpaid courses online that can help you if this is the path you want to take. You could also get experience in your chosen industry and transition to a data career over time.  There really is no one set path if you are interested in entering the profession, making it perfect for newcomers. 

Nonetheless, the field of data analytics is quickly growing.  A LinkedIn Workforce Report in 2018 identified that there is a shortage of people with data analytics skills.  This number is only expected to grow.  Best of all, it is an accessible career path to enter if you are interested.


Can You Work from Home as an Entry-Level Data Analyst?

It is possible to get a work-from-home job as an entry-level data analyst. In fact, I was originally hired as an entry-level data analyst by my current employer with no previous professional experience as an analyst.  

Post the Covid-19 pandemic, many employers are transitioning to hiring employees that they will never have set foot inside the office even for a training period. Thus, if you are looking to break into the field and want to work remotely, it may not be a deal-breaker if you are entry-level.

Additionally, as more companies are transitioning to increased levels of remote work, many are also making new training materials available to new hires online. This makes the transition a little less intimidating.  Additionally, the variety of free resources available on Google for assistance with data analytics skills puts you in a good position to succeed. 

Can You Be a Data Scientist Remotely?

There is a large amount of overlap between the titles of data analysts and data scientists.  The terms can even sometimes be used interchangeably depending on the company.

Both share a commonality in that both data analysts and data scientists work with large datasets.  However, data scientist positions tend to be more coding-heavy.  Data scientists are typically more knowledgeable about computer science and coding languages such as Python, SAS, and SQL than data analysts.

In general, data scientists work more on developing algorithms and predictive models than their data analyst counterparts. They tend to have a deeper understanding of statistics and statistical models and may design and construct new data processes and frameworks.  Data science is a harder field in comparison to data analytics to break into as it typically requires either a graduate degree or several years of experience.  This makes it not quite as easy of a title for an entry-level employee to get. 

Like their data analyst counterparts, data scientists can also work remotely. Many data scientists work independently except for business meetings, and they also typically have a degree of flexibility built into their days.  Thus, it is feasible for data scientists to work from home and thrive in their roles as well. 

Remote Data Analyst Salary

According to, the average remote data analyst salary is $68,497. reports the average salary slightly lower at $70,733

It is hard to find concrete data on if remote workers earn more or less than those who work in the office.  However, you may come out ahead of those who do by saving money on commuting, parking fees, and office lunch outings.  This can potentially leave you better compensated than you were in your previous position. 

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is if you are interested in working from home and working with data, a career as a data analyst or a data scientist may be right for you.  The job duties that they entail can be performed at home.  Both professions lend themselves to remote work due to their independent nature and the flexibility that they often give employees.