8 Top Tips to Find Work From Home Jobs That Are Legit


Work from home has the potential to provide you with a better way of life.  You can skip commuting, not pay for parking, and can have more time for yourself in general. However, although remote jobs have become more prevalent after the Covid-19 pandemic, it still can be difficult to find a remote job.  It can be even tougher to find work from home jobs that are legit. finding a work from home job that is legit

Top Tips to Find Work From Home Jobs That Are Legit

The process for finding work from home jobs that are legit is fairly similar to finding a job in a more traditional setting.  However, there are a few key differences.  Our top tips that you need to find work from home jobs that are legit include:

1. Learn How to Spot a Scam

The first step of knowing that a work from home job is legit is knowing how to spot a work from home scam.

To make a long story short, when you are looking for a work from home job that is legit, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  Additionally, if a potential employer wants you to pay for training, materials, or certifications before even giving you a job it should be a red flag.  You need to be aware of these scams because falling for one can cost you valuable time and money. 

2. Review Your Skills

When searching for a work from home job, or any job, it is important to review your skills and experience before applying. This lets you focus on positions that could be a good fit for you. If you apply for positions that can use your skills, you are much more likely to get an interview and ultimately a job. 

Conversely, you can also focus on improving skills that need improvement to make your resume stand out. 

3. Prime Your Resume

When searching for any job, but particularly a work from home job where the other job applicants can be from almost anywhere, it is important to have a resume that stands out.

Make sure that you tailor your resume to the job description and also make sure that you use the descriptions of previous positions that you have held to highlight why you are a good fit. You can also use your resume to highlight your independence and experience in your field which may make you a prime candidate to find a work from home job. 

4. Use the Job Search Engines

When you are specifically searching for a remote or work from home job, do not be afraid to use job search engines such as Indeed, Glassdoor, and ZipRecruiter. Many of these search engines provide you with a variety of job postings and many are in-person jobs, but they also offer the flexibility to search for more flexible employment. 

For example, when putting in your location you can type in “Remote” or “Work From Home” into the search bar and a variety of remote listings will be available.  These listings can include anything from software engineers to customer service representatives to data entry.  Although many of these job listings are legitimate and could be your best bet to finding a remote position, you do still need to be careful that a scammer is not trying to take advantage of you.

5. Review Job Reviews

Before accepting a position or even while preparing for the interview, it is important to research the position that you are applying for thoroughly. If a scammer is trying to pose as a legitimate employer, you may come across other online testimonials from other job applicants that can give you an early warning of a potential scam.  Additionally, the reviews on websites like Glassdoor can give you an idea if the position is remote or has the potential to become remote. 

6. Be Open to Negotiation

It is possible that you may not be able to get a work from home position straightaway in your chosen career field. However, some employers may be open to negotiation.  It may be possible that your employer will want you to come into the office every day at first or for a training period, and then after a period of time when you prove yourself, transition you to a fully remote worker.  You may also be able to negotiate more work from home days from an employer that offers a hybrid model of in-office and at-home days if you have the experience and the skills to prove yourself.

7. Look for Established Companies

When you are searching for a legitimate work from home job, it is important that you research the company itself. You should be able to find information about the company such as an address and information about the company itself.  It is important that you verify that the company is legitimate.  If it is not, it could be a scammer posing as an employer for a non-existent job. 

Additionally, some companies are also known for being more remote work friendly. 

8. Rock the Interview

The most important thing once you get past the resume review is to make sure that you do well in the interview. If you are meeting your employer virtually, make sure that you test your equipment beforehand and it is ready to go.  Also, make sure that you look presentable and make sure that your background looks professional. 

Some remote employers also have restrictions on home office areas such as you must be in a private room with a lock or that you must have a quiet space to work.  Show your potential employer that you have your potential workspace planned out and that you can make it work. 

Regardless if you are meeting in person or virtually, make sure that you can highlight your independence and resourcefulness as those are important qualities for a work from home employee to have.

The bottom line is it can be tough to find work from home jobs that are legit.  However, in the end, it will be worth it.