10 Fantastic Work At Home Jobs for Mom and Dad

Remote work can be a fantastic thing.  As a remote worker, you can save on commuting time, have more flexibility, and are more likely to have a better work-life balance in general. This can be even more true for parents.  Working remotely can give you the freedom and flexibility that you need to thrive at both your job and at home.  When mom and/or dad work at home, they can have more flexibility to be there for their kids when they need them.  However, there are some work-from-home jobs that are better suited for mom and dad than others. 

This list (in no particular order) spans the gamut of jobs that you do need some education/experience for to jobs that anyone can do with no prior experience.   The main things that these jobs have in common are that they are career paths where it is not uncommon to work from home and they are careers that generally provide some degree of flexibility which is what moms and dads working from home need. 

10 Fantastic Work at Home Jobs for Mom and Dad

1. Graphic Design

If you are the creative type, graphic design may be a good career choice for you. 

Graphic designers are professionals that use images to communicate ideas and messages.  They can be involved in various activities, including designing infographics to communicate information on a website, designing advertisements, or helping companies develop branding.  As a mom or dad, graphic design can be a good career path because it can give you a creative outlet while getting paid.  

To become a graphic designer, there are some skills that one can learn independently.  However, a bachelor’s degree is typically recommended to improve employment opportunities. Many graphic designers also have a portfolio to highlight their best work.  

The median salary of a graphic designer in 2020 was $53,380.

 2. Travel Agent

Do you have a thing for travel? If so, a career as a travel agent may be right for you.  Travel agents help their clients arrange lodging, transportation, and entertainment for their vacations.  They also usually get to travel often themselves so that they can make better recommendations to their clients which is a big perk of the job. 

A big advantage to choosing a career as a travel agent is that there is not a high barrier to entry to become a travel agent.  There is not any set educational background that you need to have and you do not need any particular certification. However, you do need to be detail-oriented and have the personality to be able to sell travel to your clients. 

Many travel agents do work remotely as much of their work can be done on their phone or on the computer. 

The median salary of a travel agent in 2020 was $42,350.

 3. Tutor

Tutoring is a great job for parents that have a passion for education.  

One of the biggest advantages of tutoring is flexibility.  You can tutor anyone from elementary school students to college students that are struggling in a particular subject. 

Some tutors chose to teach a particular subject that they know a lot about and others prepare students for standardized tests.  The opportunities are endless depending on what your expertise is. There really is no set path to becoming a tutor

Best of all, you can also schedule tutoring around your kids’ schedules.  You can also have your pupils come to your location or tutor online if that is what you are comfortable with.  

Your take-home pay will vary depending on what you choose to charge.  

4. Transcription

Do you want a flexible job with no prior experience required?  If so, transcription may be for you.  

Transcriptionists listen to audio files, which may, but not always, be of poor quality, and then transcribe them. 

In many cases, transcription jobs let you set your own hours and do as much or as little work as you want to each week.  This is perfect for moms and dads who have unpredictable schedules and need flexibility built-in.  In general, you will be assigned an audio file and have so many hours (generally 48) to complete it.  This allows you to take breaks to tend to your kids as needed.  You can also specialize in medical or legal transcription if you wish.

A transcriptionist generally makes around $15 an hour but can earn up to $25-$30 per hour.  

 5. Software Engineering

Software engineering is a field with a relatively high barrier to entry knowledge-wise, but it has many benefits. 

Software engineers work in a variety of industries, but their main purpose is to develop and maintain software applications. 

Many software developers have bachelor’s degrees in disciplines such as computer science or information technology.  However, it is also possible to become a software engineer by self-teaching or through completing a coding boot camp which typically does not have the time or cost-barrier that a more traditional college degree does.  The main barrier to entry is learning the skills needed to become an engineer.  

One of the biggest advantages of becoming a software engineer is the salary.  The median pay in 2020 was $110,140 per year. 

 6. Virtual Assistant

One of the first jobs many people think of when they think of remote work is virtual assisting.

A virtual assistant can be invaluable to their client.  They handle tasks such as answering emails, organizing files, and coordinating schedules.  Basically, they do anything their client needs them to do.  This can be a great job for moms and dads that are used to juggling the schedules of busy kids.  

There are generally no educational requirements for virtual assistants.  Additionally, you also have a lot of flexibility with your career path. You can find a full-time virtual assisting job or you could freelance and work with as many/few clients as you want.  The choice is yours.  

The median salary in 2020 for secretaries and administrative assistants was reported as $40,990 per year.

 7. Bookkeeper 

If you are a detail-oriented person with an interest in finance, a career as a bookkeeper may be right for you.  

Bookkeepers are not accountants (and consequently do not have to meet as many educational requirements).  However, they do handle a lot of their client’s financial activities such as tracking incoming and outgoing transactions and maintaining budgets.  

One of the reasons that this job is great for parents is that some of the skills needed to be a bookkeeper such as QuickBooks can be self-taught.  It is also possible to train on the job to be a bookkeeper or to complete an internship that can give you the skills you need.  This can help you avoid pursuing a costly college degree if you are looking to avoid debt although some coursework in accounting could be beneficial.  

The median salary of a bookkeeper in 2020 was $42,410 per year. 

8. Data Analyst

Data analysis is a quickly growing field with a lot of buzz around it.  

Data analysts are employed in a variety of industries to interpret and analyze data sets for businesses that are looking for insights from their data. There are a variety of paths that you can take if you are interested in becoming a data analyst.  For example, you can find free resources online and teach yourself the necessary skill-set.  Or you can get a Bachelor’s degree in a related field like Computer Science.

It is a great career field for moms and dads that want to work at home to consider because data analysts tend to have a more flexible schedule than other career fields and it pays fairly well.

Glassdoor reports that the average salary for a data analyst is $68,437 per year.

9. Petsitter

If you love pets, it may be a good idea for you to consider a career as an in-home pet sitter.  While not strictly a work-at-home job as your client may want their pets cared for in their own home, you can spend a lot of your time running your business from your own home.  As the owner of a pet sitting business, you can also set your own hours around your kids’ schedules.  This makes petsitting a very parent-friendly job. 

To start your business, you will want to consider getting insurance and doing some advertisement,  but word of mouth will be crucial for the word to get out about your business. It can be to your advantage to network with veterinarians, groomers, and pet stores in your area. 

You can set your own rates, but you will likely get paid for every visit and service that you provide.  

10. Medical Coding

Medical coding allows you to work in the medical field without having to work directly with patients. 

As a medical coder, your duties involve translating healthcare documentation into standardized alpha-numeric codes that are used to bill insurance providers and patients.  You can make a difference by ensuring that patients are not paying for more services than necessary.  

Medical coding is a great career path for moms and dads to look into because a sizeable portion of medical coders works remotely.  It is also an in-demand, growing field which means that you are not likely to have trouble finding a job.  

Additionally, medical coding is a career field you can break into relatively quickly.   Some employers do prefer an associate’s degree, but you can complete some programs in as little as 9 months. This makes it an ideal field for those looking to change career paths quickly.  Many medical coders also pursue certification, but more advanced certifications are available for medical coders looking to specialize. 

The average salary of a remote medical coder is around $54,784 which means that you likely will be well compensated.  

There are a variety of work-at-home jobs available for moms and dads. 

When deciding which career path is right for you, you need to consider things such as education and career flexibility.  However, there are plenty of choices (like those listed above) that are great fits for moms and dads that wish to work at home.